Where were you at 12AM on January 1st 2017? Were you out at a Wild Party, living it up with your very best of besties? Maybe you were at a quieter event, such as a house party with family and close friends, OR you were like me…asleep before 11pm. Wherever you were, there’s one thing in common with all of us; we’re reading this blog, and in one way shape or form, are interested about The Ottawa Artists and Crafter Showcase! 😀

I’m super excited to be starting this blog! I’ve been running this group of talented handmade artists for 11 months, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely! The talent within that group is outstanding, and I have had the privilege to meet many of the creators in person.

We took a holiday from showcasing at the end of November, and in December switched things up a little bit. We participated in the 12 Days of Giveaways, which was a fun event! For the first 12 business days of December, (not including Wednesdays) the participating vendors each had a day to post an item or two to giveaway, and added some ‘must do’s’ to be qualified for the contests. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s gift, and the different ways of delivering their item up for grabs.  It was a nice change, and I was happy to see all of the generosity arise from 12 of our members.

Tomorrow will be our first showcase of the New Year, and our slots are quickly filling up. The Craftosaurus, which is one of my sites will be hosting the day tomorrow, and in a week from today, I will host the first artists review of the blog.

I do hope that you will come back to us frequently to read about the latest hosts, and product reviews, as well as other fun and interesting information about our Facebook Craft Community.